Vodafone Employee Networks

Vodafone is proud of the seven employee networks that were formed from our people's passion to make positive change for diverse communities.  They provide an opportunity to network with like minded-colleagues who are all working towards a shared vision.  The purpose of each network is to:

  • Develop action plans that improve Vodafone culture of inclusion
  • Lead companywide events that celebrate diversity
  • Provide development opportunities for employees and community connections

Employee networks are open to all staff to join, and once you’ve started with us, just visit our ‘In The Know’ knowledge repository or the Workplace groups for each Network for more information.

Mana Wahine

Support the development of Women across all levels of Vodafone for both individual and business success.

Rainbow Whānau

Supporting and celebrating our internal and wider Aotearoa rainbow communities through meaningful connection.

Te Hā Whero

An outward celebration of diversity that supports significant business events.


Vochi connects our Vodafone Chinese community to support business initiatives such as Red Connect & Chinese New Year.

Pasifika Collective

A forum to create awareness and visibility of roles/careers throughout the business.

Salaam Network

To support, celebrate, connect and educate Vodafone colleagues about the Muslim faith.

Manaaki Network Support

The purpose of this network is to have a trained group of volunteers to support our Vodafone people if they are exposed to or affected by violence or experiencing mental health difficulty, referring them to the right care where appropriate.